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Transforming Storytelling,

We at Ekank are dedicated to transforming storytelling, so that stories of history, art and culture are not only more engaging and fun but also easily accessible. Simply put, people connect to stories, and we connect stories to people. 

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Our Story

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: make history interesting and accessible to all.


India is a land of art, culture, heritage, and rich human history. However, as we lose touch with our school books (and promise to never look back), the very idea of keeping up with our history fades out. History has so much to offer but not everybody is inclined towards it.


We wanted to know why. And the answer was pretty simple and rightly expected. Aren’t history books too tedious? Isn’t it hard to find some interesting historic or non-fictional content? 

Our Story

Yeah, that’s right. After all, it's the 21st Century. We are scrolling through 30 second reels, listening to podcasts while travelling, reading 2 liner tweets and sharing our daily updates to keep the social vibe going. Why read bulky books, or skim through long articles?


It turns out that there's a simple solution. Serving history with a pinch of spice and some fusion (yes! We are foodies too!). We want to build a community of writers to serve our audience with handpicked historical and non-fictional stories. What we do differently is serving these in accordance with the taste of your liking. We use engaging stories, illustrations, podcasts and even videos to help you learn about history without ever making an effort.

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