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ThisDay provides well-researched and valued non-fiction stories to make culture and history accessible to all. Our one-of-a-kind cultural platform has bi-lingual stories across 32 categories in different media formats  

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Personalised Story Feed 

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Mobile Operators and Device Manufacturers

Revolutionised Content, Community and Revenue Model

We aim to increase our audience with engaging stories across formats.

We support API and manual content integration across properties to ensure a seamless digital experience for users across all touchpoints.


ThisDay is tapping into new revenue streams from the leading sponsored content marketplace.

Brands and Collaborations

Get your brand on the culture bandwagon

Acquire new, engaged customers by featuring your content at exclusive touch points on devices through us and drive audiences directly to your pages.

As we talk about the history of food, and independence, host cultural walks, and create a vivid picture of history in our consumer’s minds, we aim to achieve similar goals with your partnership. 


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Advertisements and Promotion

The spotlight is on you

For any brand to go, marketing your products and services and letting people know about your brand identity is crucially important. Finding the right audience is what a good and well-thought advertisement holds.

With our webpage that has more than 14 million active readers and an ever-growing community that offers access to its readers, we can be the perfect platform for your advertisements.

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