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Startups Socially Engaging Through Social Media

In a startup's fast-paced and stimulating environment, where every day is a new day to learn, the chapter of life is unfailingly exhilarated, waiting to reach new heights and explore exciting avenues. When we do get time to sit and chill, we discuss the latest memes we saw on Instagram or the new stand-up comedy that just got released on YouTube or the heated Twitter fight that is trending. Social Media has captured our attention and time without even us realising its significance. And slowly, it is turning into an essential tool for businesses and new start-ups rather than just for entertainment purposes.

As technological advances dominate our professionals and personal lives, marketing strategies and avenues have developed and changed over the years. Marketing has travelled a long way from simple yellow-page advertisements to elaborate social media reels and collaborations.

In a world where consumerism is a norm and capitalism is the new financial way to live, everyone is on their toes to create something new for their consumers, and the buyers are ever-ready to try their hands on new things. Having an edge in a user-friendly product is something that everyone is looking for, and building a large user base with a presence in varied demographic areas is what social media marketing helps start-ups.

The power of various social media platforms.

With approx. 2.8 billion active social media users globally, platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter assist you in capturing an audience that might be interested in your product millions of miles away. Think about it. There are certain cities and towns all over the world that might be known for just that one product, like Agra’s Petha. With global migrations and a perpetual feeling of nostalgia, people want to have things around them that remind them of their homes. Scrolling through Instagram and coming across a reel that helps you source the best Petha in Brooklyn or the authentic Dosa in Rome is what social media marketing has enabled today.

We, as a storytelling platform too, are trying to cater to that feeling of nostalgia and catering to people’s need to read cultural stories, connect with their past and associate with something so magical that they might have experienced in the past but was suddenly made to realise today after reading such stories. With illustrated posts, engaging games, and rhythmic reels, we are trying to reach millions of people in different countries to consume Indian history, read about the culture of various tribes and engage in stories they were never aware of before.

An overview of how marketing has developed and changed over the years.

Social media marketing assists us to target the appropriate market for our product without spending much. Marketing budgets are reduced to a great extent with the help of social media marketing which boosts brand awareness. With certain hashtags and taglines with quirky video content and posts, you can set yourself apart from the other competitors.

Each Social media Manager tries to be creative with their content. It ensures a better reach and engagement with the audience and also helps them churn their brains to extract different and interesting content. Such work helps the manager to establish a personal relationship with their audience, looking into what the customers and their audience would like and ensuring that they build a better relationship and loyalty with their audience.

Social Media marketing has a long way to go. With a bidding place and engaging audience, it is turning into the new hot place for everyone to engage and buy their products. No wonder social media is on our minds all the time!

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jivan lal
jivan lal
Mar 15, 2023

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Write to me how to apply.


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