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ThisDay reveals the Secrets of History

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

When the pandemic was at its peak and people delved into creativity as a Snapchat streak; two gentlemen dragging their work from home obligations felt a sudden need to change their notion.

It was the year 2020, and the dark ages of the Pandemic spread ambiguity like wildfire compelling everyone to ask the philosophical question of "What is Life?". While the answer to this question remained a mystery, people indeed decided to try the different levels of creativity, challenging their culinary and artistic faucets. Parallelly, two colleagues working through the newly introduced remote life were struck with an idea. At the stroke of midnight, when the world fell asleep, these two gentlemen woke up from their dire sleep.

History and culture took over their minds. “ Why was this monument built?” or “why did the war take place?” took over their time. While the clock struck twelve, they thought “Let's create a platform that answers these mysterious trails.”

A couple of engineers who have travelled the world were intrigued by secret history. What was the significance of this monument to how a culture originated were the queries that haunted their midnight sleep. These questions raised a silver lining in the blank canvas of their minds - "if we are captivated by the anonymities of histories, there would be a million others trying to search for the answer to similar questions. What if we made these mystics accessible to all?"

Creative storytelling with technology seemed like the perfect antidote to this mystery. “What should this non-fiction platform be called?” “ThisDay!” the other called out.

Hence, came the idea to create a platform that would offer answers to an individual's historical curiosity with a touch of fun and creativity. With a perfect concoction of technology and creativity, Ekank Technologies was created with sheer willpower and a perpetual need to do something different.

Even today, when someone talks about history, the person travels back to the nostalgia of school lanes and the boring lectures of social science where history was an obligation to promote to the next session. Hence, we wanted to change that underlying thinking of every human being on this planet by making culture accessible to all and inculcating the habit of consuming culture like a piece of masala news with their masala chai in the early rays of the morning.

ThisDay is that attempt; an attempt to bring cultural storytelling to the forefront of creativity; an attempt to give every non-fiction creator an opportunity to grow and earn irrespective of their storytelling style.

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