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The AI Dilemma: Balancing Efficiency and Individuality in the Content Generation Era

Machine vs Human Creativity as generated by an AI model; Source: StableDiffusionWeb
Machine vs Human Creativity as generated by an AI model; Source: StableDiffusionWeb

As a startup that focuses on storytelling in multiple formats, a persistent debate takes place in our workspace, where the ability of AI to ease our work competes with AI’s tendency to diminish our individualism, making us a nobody in the corporate world.

The moment we are born, we are prepared, through numerous educational and societal bribes, for a world that has a lot to offer us and makes our dreams come true. But, a capitalist world also asks for money to fulfill those dreams—dreams which, for a wide range of people, are now endangered because of AI.

Various researchers and scholars have released a list of jobs that are threatened because of the advancement in technology, and one of the major industries that have been impacted is the content industry. The prejudices and stereotypes that are invariably fed into AI software, which lead to the further ingraining and perpetuation of a number of sociocultural problems, are also major causes for concern.

Not only this, it is eventually going to reduce the capability of the human mind to be independent and produce unique solutions, because everyone would prefer having something quick and efficient rather than different and unique.

While currently, AI comes with disclaimers that make clear the errors in the current version, one can only be apprehensive of the time when AI would become the perfect version of a human mind that even we humans couldn’t achieve. Or claim to be so, at the very least. Aha! This is the catch.

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